DAILY WATCH: De Bethune DB28 ‘Kind of Blue’ Meteorite Tourbillon

Only rarely does heaven meet earth in the form of an errant meteorite lassoed by Earth’s gravitational pull. Rarer still is when such celestial emissaries are recovered and placed into the able hands of the world’s finest watchmakers. The De Bethune DB28 ‘Kind of Blue’ Tourbillon Meteorite is the product of that very rare occurrence. Wrought in part from a hunk of extraterrestrial nickel and iron alloy that struck the earth over 5,000 years ago in what is now Argentina, the resulting timepiece is a magnificent display of vision and craftsmanship. The lustrous magentas and indigos of the meteorite dial are speckled with drops of gold that glimmer like the distant stars of Alpha Centauri, while a fire-blued case of grade five titanium encapsulates it all in stunning azure. Featuring a De Bethune 30″ ultra-light tourbillon in silicone and titanium and a self-regulating twin barrel power reserve for up to five days between windings, the DB28 is a triumph of functional design as well as aesthetics.

De Bethune DB28 'Kind of Blue' Meteorite Tourbillon
De Bethune DB28 ‘Kind of Blue’ Meteorite Tourbillon