DAILY WATCH: Bremont Supermarine

Bremont has rolled out the latest in a line of rugged but stylish chronometers with the Supermarine 300 and 301. A welcome update from its progenitors in the S500 and S2000, the Type 300 features a slightly smaller 40 mm case and cuts a svelte figure at 13 mm from crystal to case back. Named for the 1930’s British aircraft manufacturer of Spitfire fame, the Type 300 and its sister watch, the Type 301, carry a legacy of dependable construction and striking design. The Type 300 will be available in both black and blue dial options, while the Type 301 achieves a more vintage-inspired aesthetic with a matte metal dial and nickel-satin hands. A true field watch at heart, all Type 300 models are chronometer tested, feature BE-92AE automatic movement, and are water resistant to depths of at least 300 meters. With a choice of 20 mm calf leather or a NATO-style synthetic band, the Bremont Supermarine Type 300 offer a range of possibilities for the field-tested and fashion conscious.





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