Conscious Time

Created and realized by the German designer Frank Buchwald, The Nixie Machine II is an industrial take on an aged product, bringing cold cathode neon readout tubes back in as bold a manner as possible. The Nixie tube was originally designed in 1955 and was the first cold cathode neon readout tube, and by the end of the century the Nixie tube had all but vanished from the market. This changed when Nixie Machine II collaborator Dalibor Farny revived the technology in 2012, perfecting the electronics and design of the product shortly after. Buchwald’s design brings together life and time, making the inner workings directly noticable yet sleek. In combining that with the spider-like base structure, Buchwald created a peaceful and lifelike machine. Together, Farny’s top of the line vacuum tubes and Buchwald’s animatronic design produce a coloristically minimalist and brilliant revival of the forgotten Nixie tubes, too often treated with nostalgia rather than seen for their potential.

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