Cyrille Vigneron’s Upward Mobility at Cartier

In January, Frenchman Cyrille Vigneron stepped up to international CEO of Cartier.

Cyrille Vigneron
Cartier’s Cyrille Vigneron

In January, Frenchman Cyrille Vigneron stepped up to the maison’s international CEO position. His resume is well seasoned with the brand (since 1998) as well as international credentials. He’s been managing director of Cartier Europe as well as Japan. In 2014, though, he left for LVMH to become its president in Japan.

“I am delighted to be back at Cartier,” Vigneron declared upon his appointment to the CEO post at the Richemont maison. Vigneron is schooled in Japanese culture and even wrote about it for his 2009 book De geishas en mangas: Chroniques du Japon d’aujourd’hui.

Both Vigneron and Cartier’s just-prior international CEO, Stanislas de Quercize, have joined Richemont’s group management committee, which performs a strategic role for the parent company.