DAILY WATCH: MB&F Legacy Machine N˚1 Final Edition


The MB&F Legacy Machine N˚1 Final Edition.

The avant-garde Swiss watch brand MB&F recently released the Legacy Machine N˚1 Final Edition, deciding to discontinue the genre-defying Legacy Machine N˚1 series six years after it was first launched. MB&F’s second model after the Horological Machines gained popularity with the characteristic independent, slightly convex white-lacquer dials, an intuitive vertical power-reserve indicator, and an elliptical balance bridge with a distinctive mirror polish. The final edition incorporates these patent qualities, including the highly advanced 14mm balance wheel developed by Chronode, but it deviates from the norm in its appearance. Instead of a gaudy exterior, the last timepiece of the series opts for a muted stainless-steel elegance, swathed in a dark-chocolate hue. The LM1 final edition, available in an 18-piece limited edition, gracefully dons front-and-back sapphire crystals and a black/brown hand-stitched alligator strap, wrapping up the celebrated series with an ingenuous charm.